That thing about food..

There is a joy when meeting people who share common interests, similar experiences, as we all know. It is when sharing about your passions and subsequently realising that you might actually share intertwined personal histories, that will leave you marvelling in the workings of the world. Or God, whichever you might believe in. They say there is technically six degrees of separation between the people on Earth, but sometimes, it can be much less than that. And finding out, can start simply with a single topic – one of my favourites, of course –


Strangers can come to realise they have been neighbours for years, with a shared cultural background, based on one chance meeting: A familiar accent, a t-shirt from an alma mater. A bond of friendship forged on a shared love for steak (Never EVER more than medium rare please, lest you incur my wrath..), subsequent shared sessions of perv-ing at food porn and excursions to butcheries, and as it follows, the eventual bringing together of like-minded people. Also known as, meeting friends of friends who share the same crazy obsession with crazy you (Yes, you. And me.). Who would have thought, someone who sat in the same hall as you at the same time, someone you might have come face to face with during orientation or stood behind you waiting in line to buy food during break times.. Could go so unnoticed, ended up in the same city as you did years later, still running around in separate circles, and eventually be the one who took the leap, opened his own cafe back home, and has just served you a double shot espresso skinny 3/4 latte, just the way you liked it?

That’s the amazing thing about food. It brings people together, it creates conversations, it creates bonds and linkages, makes strangers friends. I remember a lovely chat with an older gentleman at Single Origins one brisk winter morning, sharing a table as us lone-sies do. Talk to a sommelier and you realise that swift, willowy man with slicked back hair and a lofty air, speaks with such warmth and passion about wines, and you’d have learnt so much, your meal just became more memorable. Talk about food and you quickly find that we might not even get to six degrees of separation between people. It’s that integral in our lives, it’s that exciting, it’s that amazing. The passion for food forms an identity, and when shared, it becomes a community, where that passion can be developed, nurtured, and eventually blossom.

Perhaps I’m overdoing it, but I’m sure you catch my drift.


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