13. The year of change.

It is a conversation often had, throughout the year. How this year has been, how fast it has gone. And even early on in the year, I noticed and sensed, big things were brewing, in lives beyond my own. And now that the year has gone, and a new one has just begun, it is once again that time to launch into some reflection of sorts.

Obviously, there were the big pre-planned events. Weddings, those which I have been lucky and blessed enough to be part of in one way or another, and those I kick myself for missing. A new welcomed member of the family, Fruit Tart, my one and only brother-in-law, and the Sister, now a Mrs. Numerous pictures of engagement rings springing up on social media, announcements of relationships moving on to the next phase, some of which have been much-anticipated. Some took trips of their lives, not quite in search of anything in particular, but finding much, much more. Some departed old posts, old roles, in search of new challenges, or a fresh new start, or simply for a change of priorities and circumstance. New jobs found, new exciting and nerve-wracking challenges abound, and school! Of the cooking nature (Almost jealous, Flo!), and of the academic (Oh, me. TEEHEE).

That said, while it has been very exciting for those around me, perhaps the most amazing thing was that change was something that came to me too, and in rather big ways. A dream that begun at the age of 5, deserted in search of the new and exciting while in search of myself, a dream I convinced was not in my capacity to dream.. A dream that I somehow managed to revive out of being a stubborn old mule, a dream I was allowed to realise just at the brink of giving it up for good, a dream I am blessed to be able to pursue into this new year, and in the coming years, with such support from home. A dream that has finally become my reality, a reality I am continuing to make mine. All of this, impossible without blessings from the Big Man up above, and the big men and ladies at home. While in achieving this, it meant having to leave certain good things behind; a job I enjoyed, with colleagues I loved. For those things as they were, I was blessed to have, and for their support to pursue my dream, I could not be more grateful for.

As  it goes with gaining something, you must be content to sacrifice as well. It meant, once again, leaving my beloved home which I have spent much time away from, and therefore the people who bring me back every time. Thank you, once again, for still being part of my life, and letting me know I still have a place to call home with you all. Thank you for letting me share in your life’s big and little moments in the past year, and I hope we will continue to share them in this new one, no matter how far apart we are. Like I heard it said, good friends are like stars – you don’t need to see them to know that they are there. (FIRST BIT OF SAPPY FOR 2014!!! :D)

In 2013, I learnt some things about myself. The walls I have built, how strong, and how weak they are. It was a year I had to learn about myself, and learn about loving greatly. Whether I have achieved that, I am still unsure, but I can not be more thankful, for having been made just that little bit braver, braver to try. I’ve learnt how much I’ve changed, how much I haven’t. Learning to compromise, learning to give, learning to take. Learning to lean a little, and also provide support. Learning to unlearn old stubborn habits forged over the last few years, and making peace with the things that I cannot control, that I cannot help, and that I cannot provide, as much as I wish to. It has been a year filled with surprises, both lovely and not so lovely, high highs, and low lows. I have received much, so much, for which I can never be grateful enough for. I made my mistakes, and as 2013 closed on a slightly less saccharine note, I hope the year ahead allows me the chance to show growth from the last.

It has been an amazing year – not because it was pure greatness and happy all round (though it was mostly that, such luck!), but because it has been full of new, full of change, full of challenges of the good kind. S.Korea even has a female president now! Okay, that’s all I can come up with at this moment, but it’s just to signify the big things that have happened this last year. It has been a big year, if I can say so for myself and many I know. Constancy with the things that ground you and keep you whole, while the absence of stagnancy, to keep us growing – the makings of not just a good year, but a good life. Such was 2013. Thank you, for all who helped make it happen!

I pray 2014 will be an interesting, if not good, one for us all. Up and on, as us Saints would say!


One thought on “13. The year of change.

  1. 과일탙으 says:

    가족이 된것을 열광해 ^_^

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