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A good roast, an excellent cuppa

The surprise in Seoul

The surprise in Seoul

Before 2008, the main memory of my coffee-drinking experience was getting a headache after a sip of Starbucks’ caramel macchiato, and falling asleep in the car. I was a pretty obedient child, I might add – The Mother told me not to drink coffee when I was a child, because ‘it’s not good for you’, and I really didn’t. Strangely enough, I loved walking into commercial coffee places, and while I always ordered some junk-y non-coffee frappuccino to validate my full-day occupancy in that corner of the shop to study with friends, I did enjoy swathing myself with the aroma of freshly ground coffee. Somehow, though, I never quite thought of drinking the actual thing. Till Sydney.

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To and back from the land of Oz

Not been too long since my feet have touched Aussie soil, but compared to a quickie trip filled with wedding dresses and family time, the trip is now slightly extended, with brodesmaids dresses (3 months of wedding dress saga had just past), more friend-time, more me-time.


Ask me what’s on the itinerary, and the first thing I wanted was, of course, Single Origins’ coffee. That might not have happened till the next day due to the delay in the flight, but with my usual order plus 2 more pour overs (Australian single origin!), I’m sure I did pretty well.

Post-Bangkok trip over a random weekend, and another thing to miss about Sydney was the Thai food. Strange, but true. It’s that good, people.

And of course, it wouldn’t quite be being in Aussie till you’ve had your fill of weekend, or even weekday, brunches. The Aussie culture might be a growing trend in Singapore, with some decent mentionables about, but lucky for our dear Sydney, the progressive and innovative are always lurking to keep you engaged and interested.


Hm orange hollandaise, olives, herbs, edible
flowers of vivid colours.. Spring/summer on a plate.

A trip that went by too fast..

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